Inference Chaining

"Linking assumptions to the core belief"

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First read the article supplied by the ONLINE COUNSELLOR on Inference Chaining so you understand the process, then in this following text box, enter the inference statement (B) you are seeking to work with.

Now using the pulldown menu, read the selection of questions, and use the one that triggers thoughts for you in relation to the words you have placed in the first text box.

1. Write your response to your chosen chaining question in the text box below. Follow this process until you have exahausted your linking thoughts. When you come to a halt, simply take it from there, and click on the SEND button at the bottom.

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9. If you have reached this box and feel there is more to be explored, enter your comments in the box below, ask any questions that may occur to you. If you have already exhausted your thoughts, then click on SEND to post your results to ONLINE COUNSELLOR


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