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Change presents challenges that can leave us feeling things are out of control and unprepared, learn how to engage it and find solutions right here.

WELCOME! I want to help you learn ways to respond to what life is presenting you! 

Investing time and resource in Learning HOW to Handle Change will benefit your life and those around you.

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What We Do

We help visitors and clients find solutions to personal situations by using the REFRAME tools in this website. The aim is to assist you to a greater understanding of yourself and your situation so that you can more readily identify a solution; set goals for it; form an action plan using the tools to help bring it about within the bounds of what is both possible and practical.


About Us

I am based in New Zealand. I have worked online for many years and have tested and developed REFRAME for finding and using soltuions in both personal and relationship areas of life. 

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John is a Cognitive Behavioural workshop presenter helping groups increase their resilience. 



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